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With our services, you combine all tools necessary for running a modern school into one subscription that grants you access, connection and a simple way to create and control fees collections and academic records.

Why SchoolRevs ?

We are focused on providing innovative solutions to expand your possibilities with our developers friendly APIs for third-party Integrations


Quick access to student bills and reports via unique student ID or basic student details with optimal security.


Easily connect and integrate third-party payment and data management solutions

Create & Control

Seamless dashboard set up and configuration with minimal need for technical expertise or support.

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Build and deploy innovative education technology solutions with our readily available and documented APIs.

We are trusted by the best

schools in Africa

How It Works

A single SchoolRevs subscription gets you into everything Revocube (Schoolcube, SchoolTeller, ExamCentre, Billscube). Set up your profile and preferences just the way you like.


SchoolCube (Bolt)

Here is the central platform for school administration, academics, finance and messaging.


Enable ExamCentre on your SchoolCube dashboard to publish your school to registered prospective students and receive real applications.


Enable SchoolTeller on your Schoolcube Dashboard to publish custolmised student invoices and receive payments via


Enable Billscube on your Schoolcube Dashboard to receive MasterCard and Visa payments with instant settlement in the registered school bank account.


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We are trusted and reliable, we go the extra mile to satisfy our clients. You too can come on board.